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? Transportation System

? Transportation System

by Ameed Aabidi -
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Parents that desire transportation for their children, please complete your profile by entering your address, Location Latitude, and Longitude and then proceed for payment. You can get the Latitude and Longitude of your location from Google Maps. Please view the video tutorial below for detailed steps on this.

If you desire transportation ?, please pay 250,000 Toman (2,500,000 Rials) by clicking this link. Please ensure that you have entered your Student ID in the username field (نام و نام خانوادگی پرداخت کننده field). If you do not do so, we would not able able to track which student has paid the amount, subsequently, your payment may be void and non-refundable.

The deadline for this payment is Friday 4th of September 2020. If the payment has been made after this due date, you are not titled to any transportation service for the first 20 days from the day on-campus classes commence.

In case the Ministry of Education decides for us to conduct classes on campus, we will use this amount to pay the transportation company. Please note, that this is the minimum amount required to pay the company. This amount may increase or decrease depending on your location.
Should the Ministry of Education decide to conduct classes online, this amount will be returned to the valid bank card you have entered in your profile.